Garden Makeovers

Thanks to documentaries and reality TV shows such as Garden Makeover, Ground Force, Better Homes and Gardens and Backyard Blitz, the concept of giving one’s garden a bit of a makeover is pretty well understood. From gutting a garden and starting again, to making a garden more sustainable, to adding interest or dimensionality with a different choice of plants, there are plenty of different ways to make complete garden makeovers happen. When a garden makeover is done right, it completely transforms the way people enjoy the space- not to mention improving the value of the property.

At Custom Creations Landscapes, we specialise garden makeovers for Sydney homeowners and commercial property owners in need of a fresh new look for their outdoor spaces. We listen carefully to your needs, ideas and inspirations, and we help bring your dream garden to life in a way that meets your goals and your budget. Whether it’s about spending less time on maintenance and watering, encouraging people to explore the whole garden, or adding in something like an indoor-outdoor room, we’ve got you covered. Our team love nothing more than providing our clients with the complete garden makeovers experience; there’s nothing quite like the look on a client’s face when they see the finished project!

For more information on garden makeovers with us, or to get your free estimate, contact us today.

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